Claude Ergas


Claude Ergas

Claude Ergas has worked with a Marketing and Design company with over 2 billion in revenue. Claude was responsible for bringing successful
licensing partnerships, as well as creating money making opportunities for these clients to participate in using celebrity names to brand products. Mr. Ergas has
Proven to be a dedicated licensing/sales and marketing professional with over 14 years of experience.

When working with Claude Ergas, he will offer leadership, brand awareness skills and the ability to think of new approaches. His history of problem solving, and motivating others will compliment his existing services. Claude has a proven track record in improving profitability of 32% growing worldwide brands, and exceeding expectations. Expertise extends from the fashion industry to entertainment.

Claude Ergas is also skilled in market research and competitive analysis of new business development/acquisitions, merchandising brand development, business strategies, sales forecasting/Analysis, licensee/retail, relationships revenue growth.

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